Security and reliability in our own fleet

Towboat Operations

Continual investment in our own fleet of line haul towboats gives us more flexibility to deliver.

Having our own horsepower on the river creates advantages in scheduling and efficiency, ensuring we can deliver on our commitments to customers. We compliment this efficiency by using strategic third party towboats.

Ongoing investment in our towing platform continues to ensure our service goes above and beyond expectations.

High Power Towboats (River Vessels)

As an owner and operator of a fleet of towboats we use the latest high-power Z-Drive vessels to power our fleet of river barges.

Towboat Integration

Maintaining our own towboat fleet reduces cycle time and ensures we are one of the most efficient operators on the U.S. Inland Waterways.

SCF Bunge Marine

A provider of towing services on the U.S. Inland Waterways, primarily the Mississippi River, Illinois River, Tennessee River, and the Ohio River.

Fleet Information

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