Coordinating barge movements

Fleeting Operations

Our shoreside and barge interchange operations are in 31 separate fleeting areas on the U.S. Inland Waterways. At these locations, we have a fleet of harbor boats and offer a 24-hour dispatch service.

At each location barges are moored, loaded, unloaded, cleaned or repaired for use. Fleeting sites are also where barges are built into a tow for delivery to a loading or unloading location.

Our fleeting site in St. Louis, MO, stretches over 55 miles of the Mississippi River, where more than 100 people man the vessels and work shoreside to maintain fleet operations, servicing 37 terminals and a countless number of barges.

Efficiencies of Scale

SCF prides itself on its reputation for on-time service in what can be an unpredictable river system. In all weather conditions, we coordinate different modes of transport to deliver and receive a wide range of bulk cargoes.

Full Service on Site

In addition to servicing terminals and shippers, we also offer a range of barge maintenance services, including topside repairs and barge cleaning.

Our Team

Our team is composed of talented individuals with extensive experience of river transportation and logistics, dedicated to delivering a high quality service.

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