Efficient container transit on America’s Marine Highway

Logistics Services

SCF (through its SEACOR AMH entity) provides shippers with an efficient means of access to domestic and international markets by transporting containerized cargoes along the Mississippi River using its fleet of dry-cargo barges.

We also provide drayage services for local container loading/unloading prior to river transport.

Container-On-Barge Services

SCF’s river and dockside terminals and assets make our container-on-barge service a cost-effective choice to support the containerized cargo movements to import/export markets in New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL.

Specifically, our multimodal terminals and frequent sailings provide for greater efficiency when compared to trucking and rail solutions. Our system is modularized in nature so each barge can move 36 loaded containers and 48 empty containers.

Intermodal Services

We provide local container pickup and delivery—streamlining transportation and logistics and making access to markets easier. We also operate chassis pools to service our operations and customers’ needs.

Service Routes

Click here to see our established weekly scheduled trade routes designed to support the import/export markets of containerized cargo.

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Terminal Locations

Our terminals are located throughout the Mississippi and on the TennTom Waterway. Click here for contact information and directions.

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Going Green

SEACOR AMH is proud to offset the diesel carbon emissions from its container on barge service and the St. Louis, Memphis, and Port Allen terminals. Click below to learn more about this initiative.

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