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Bulk Transportation

With strategic locations and a large and well-resourced fleet of barges and towboats, SCF offers the flexibility and capacity that you can rely on.

US Domestic

Dry-Cargo Barge Operations

Our barge fleet handles millions of tons of bulk goods every year along the U.S. Inland Waterways

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Towboat Operations

Continual investment in our fleet of line haul towboats gives us more flexibility and reliability to deliver

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Fleet Information

Our fleet of barges, towboats and harbor boats gives SCF the capacity to handle 14 million tons of bulk goods annually. With the systems and the people in place to coordinate cargoes and fleet movement, SCF’s operations are efficient and on an impressive scale.

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Barge Statistics

Generally speaking, our dry-cargo barges are capable of transporting approximately 1,500 to 2,200 tons of cargo. A typical 15 dry-cargo barge tow can hold the equivalent of approximately 1,050 trucks or 216 railcars.

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Lifecycle of a Barge Trip

Follow cargo as it moves through the SCF transportation system.

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