Colombia’s energy supply chain partner

International Tank Barge Operations

Naviera Central is an inland marine transportation and logistics company providing inland river barge, multimodal and terminal services in Colombia along the Magdalena and Cauca rivers.

We specialize in liquid cargo barge services supporting the energy industry in Colombia with fuel oil and other hydrocarbon shipments.

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Additional Capabilities

In addition to our core energy cargoes, our vessels handle large and oversized cargo, and dry cargo including containers, grains, steel, chemicals, and aggregates.

Serving the Caribbean Ports of Colombia

We currently operate between the coastal ports of Barranquilla and Cartagena and inland ports on the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. Our fleet includes shallow draft vessels able to access many difficult to reach locations in the region.

We also operate the Puerto Magangué terminal on the Magdalena River in the northern part of the country. The port includes storage warehouses and dock space for handling cargoes.

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