South America’s dry-cargo transportation partner

International Dry-Cargo Barge Operations

SCFCo Holdings (InterBarge) provides river barge transportation services on South America’s Hidrovia Paraná- Paraguay waterway system, primarily handling dry bulk commodities.

InterBarge’s activities include transporting soybeans, corn, sugar, and meal from Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia to export facilities located along the river and moving Brazilian iron ore to the River Plate for local consumption or transshipment to the international markets.

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South America’s River Highway

Crossing five countries – Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, and Uruguay – and covering more than 2,200 miles, the waterways remain a major logistical system connecting countries to export markets.

Moving Essential Cargoes to Support National and International Economies

The waterway enables the efficient and safe shipments of agricultural products, iron ore, clean petroleum products efficiently and reliably from the production areas to processing facilities and export terminals.

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